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29 Nov

F**k this is on the nail – listen…

The Unfinished Swan

24 Nov

This is great – The Unfinished Swan – you have to get your hands dirty and make a mess to be able see what you have done – Thanks DK

Pilot Theatre : Shift Happens

24 Nov

Booking soon 5/6/July 2010 bookmark your diary now

Shift Happens – arts and converging technologies conference

24 Nov

RSA – State of the Arts Conference

24 Nov

I will be speaking at this event

Pilot Theatre :

24 Nov

Flickr set for 5circles

Jonathan Harris collects stories

24 Nov

Jonathan will be joining us Live in York on July 5/6 2010 as part of Shift Happens

Pilot Theatre : Pilot Theatre / Onstage / Ontour / Online

22 Nov

Jonathan Harris . Work

18 Nov

Jonathan Harris will be live in York at our Shift Happens Conference next July 5/6