first day of rehearsals skype/livestream info #madeinargentina

24 Feb

I am heading to the theatre this morning with Solange Perazzo who is coming to collect me and show me how to navigate the Underground here. I have a full day ahead, but with the luxury of working on the set on stage with the actors, Celeste and Julian. Am preparing now for a full readthrough in Castellano and English. It is really good news that I managed to go and buy the right cable for the internet here as the wifi is down – so hardwired at my desk in the apartment now, listening to 6Music live from the BBC. It really does feel like the network connections are infinitely closer and the ability to stream music via Spotify or to listen to the radio and check up on news and stuff live is still amazing to me. I was able to use Skype from the flat and speak to all at home, and will be planning to to do this with the office for meetings as well as introducing the new team here in BA to the York team.

I will also set up some livestreaming of our rehearsals and will let you know when that is up and running so it will be possible to share in on our livestream server. So I will report back later as to how we can do this from the theatre, but it will be great to be able to link the project from here in Argentina back to the UK

So more coffee calls before I head out into the 23’C weather (sorry)



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