The Theatre in Buenos Aires – #madeinargentina

24 Feb

The theatre where I have been rehearsing all day today with Julian, Celeste, Solange and Carlos

It was taken at 5pm and looks as if there is a neon sign but it is in direct and fantastic sunlight. The light and air here is amazing and in fact Buenos Aires translates as ‘Good Air’ as it certainly is here and very green and lush. It is the end of the long summer holidays here and the schools are about to go back next week. So apparently my underground journey will be more hectic then. I have been drinking ‘Mate’ all day which is a very bizarre and bitter herbal tea-like drink. I have posted a link on the previous blog post to the wikipedia page for it. I have a meeting with the set and AV designers later so will let you know how how things are going. So far we ewant to put a lifting bar on the toilet, a rear door to the cubicle and have fixed a point for the projector – I have just run through the three plays in Spanish and we are now working on characters and music. The whole spotify streaming has been invaluable today and we have uncovered some new music for the show

Adios ciao mis amigos!!

2 Responses to “The Theatre in Buenos Aires – #madeinargentina”

  1. michelleyascapi February 24, 2010 at 7:21 pm #

    Hi Marcus, Great pics! What street is the theatre on; is it in San Telmo per chance next to the Cocker hotel? Looks familiar! Hope you’re having a great time – have you fallen in love with the city yet?

  2. Anonymous February 24, 2010 at 10:51 pm #

    Hi there Michelle, the Theatre is on compas salles in Nunez there is a map link here all is well and thanks agian for sending me the invaluable wallpaper guide

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