Sites on my walk to work – not the real Chrysler Building

26 Feb

The walk to work is a brisk 40 minutes up the Avenue Cabildo to Nunez or a 3 stop Subte or underground ride. You can get the Subte from Juan Hernandez station and travel to the terminus of the Green line D, or walk. Walking for me is the preferable choice every time. You miss out on so much if you don’t walk in a city.So yesterday it was there and back for me, with a cafe solo from a great coffee shop in hand it was my opportunity to take in the sites and the people and generally get the feel of the neighbourhood. One of the landmarks I have to use is ‘Bingo Belgrano’ to turn right opposite. A clearly memorable landmark


On the way there I was also taken by what is a truncated version of the Chrysler Building in New York and made of large lego pieces that have not withstood the weather very well.


Again landmarks, tastes and flavours of my journey to and from work.

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