80,000 telephones at the Coldplay gig

27 Feb
Last night I was at the River Plate Stadium to see Coldplay perform to in excess of 80,000 fans. At one point the whole crowd did an ‘Argentinian’ wave revealing their lit phone screens right around the three tiered football ground. It was , of course, the 21st Century version of the ‘lighter in the air moment’ but the sight of that many people standing and waving their phones in a succession was a real event. It was an impressive set with highlights for me that included a stunning AV and laser section during ‘Fix You’ and an encore of ‘The Scientist’ which has meant I am rediscovering ‘A rush of blood to the head’ this morning on my walk into work.
If you check the previous blog post there are some more pictures of the stadium and the event in storyboard form. Alos I have an audioboo of my thoughts and some clips which I will uplooad later onto here as the 3G won’t let me here in the apartment and there is no wifi, so it is hardwired on my mac til later.

Busy day today as we have to work a new cast  member into the first piece as she will be the voice we are recording to relay during the show in both Spanish and English  – and there are 53 cues to sort out in each language. So off to walk in with an old album rediscovered is ringing in my ears – ‘clocks’ means I have to go now
adios mis amigos



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