Things I have learned in Argentina – part 1

28 Feb




1) When your host offers you kidneys. intestines, blood sausage from his parilla or barbecue you eat it all, and realise it is unbelievably delicious. 

2) The Beef that follows has taken 2 hours to cook and melts in your mouth. 

3) Traffic never stops for you on zebra crossings. I am using Jedi mind powers now when I cross the road. So far – so good

4) On the subway somebody will come and put something on your knee at the start of one station and take it off at the next, or you keep it and give them money – so far I have a packet of tissues and a geometry set, but not the LED book light

5) Directing a show in Spanish and then English is effectively working on two texts and takes twice the time as there are two shows to direct

6) There is the same baby girl being carried by a series of older girls begging on Subway Line D all day. This small child is on the underground for 12 hours at a time. This worries me. A lot. 

7) If you want to know what something costs in pounds sterling, divide by 6. My 6 times table has come on leaps and bounds

8) Everyone here owns at least 2 pairs of Converse All Stars

9) It is impossible to be a vegetarian here – well almost

10) The Subway stops at 11pm for safety reasons. Which meant I had a 60 minute walk home and no LED book light to guide me

11) Everyone loves the Talking Carl iphone app here, especially as he appears to speak perfect Spanish now.

12) Eveybody here is familiar with the ‘hand of God’ football incident

13) There is a justice for war veterans camp in the Centre of the City

14) Carlos is an excellent cook

15) People here are very stylish, beautiful and friendly

16) It takes two to Tango


3 Responses to “Things I have learned in Argentina – part 1”

  1. the_photo_boy February 28, 2010 at 12:30 pm #

    Awesome, very interesting post!

  2. PatoMontalbetti February 28, 2010 at 12:33 pm #

    jajaja, Argentina have a lot of learning Of good and evil. I loved: 8) Everyone here owns at least 2 pairs of Converse All Stars

  3. Anonymous March 1, 2010 at 10:44 am #

    Great post, entertaining and intriguing and makes me want to be there exploring.

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