lost in translation

1 Mar


A fascinating challenge today as we move between the two texts in Castellano and English. As we have rehearsed the whole play in Spanish now comes the time to make it work in English, and of course some bits are not just lost in translation, they were just never there to begin with.

It has been a real test for all of us to finds the mechanism and structure to work through what is essentially a completely new text. We have come up with a solution which seems to be working well, even though Julian and Celeste look shattered, they are nothing compared to Solange who has been translating all day long.

What we found that works –

1) We rehearse a short section in Castellano. We get the shape for the scene and the characters

2) We then rework this in the English with some cuts and inserts of words

3) We then play this and refine some of the actions and rediscover and clarify the intentions

4) We run this section in English

5) We then finally run it back in Castellano with the new discovered intentions

6) We then take a break

repeat until finished….

More tea / coffee / yerba / whatever needed!


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