Che Guevara and Julian Sierra on the set

2 Mar


A picture of the integrated AV design by Pato Montalbetti on the set today with Julian Sierra who is playing Martin. We are now working totally in Spanish, so we can concentrate on the opening on March 12th. We have done all the pieces in English, but are now focused on the performances for Buenos Aires.

So directing and rehearsing in Castellano all day, and today we had a visit from the AV deigner, Pato who showed us the latest draft designs in final cut and After Effects. With Solange we were able to also run the projector from my Mac as I had the right cable – and we were able to play with positions for the projector and the angles and all that stuff. This made for some interesting shapes and distortions which we liked working with. we had Luz in this afternoon as we were working on her Lucas Y Camila piece. we made some great discoveries about character and also the music underscore from ‘Hello Saferide’ worked really well.

Just realised that this is my 100th blog post, so it must be worth a celebration? OK maybe not. I have been all domestic this evening – so far sorted all the laundry for the Laverderia in the morning, changed bedding, put new laces in my Converse, and have answered all my emails whilst listening to the Amores Perros album on Spotify. I am going out now to eat some red meat as I think this is only fitting for all the hard chores I have so clearly undertaken….

a Manana


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