Things I really like…

4 Mar

1) A load of pressed and clean laundry from the lavenderia. When you are working somewhere it is not like a holiday, so the normal things that you do at home still need to get done in between your work time. So clean sheets and pressed shirts make me very happy.

2) Getting through the first run of the show without it all falling apart. We did this today with some costumes, and it is beginning to come together really well. The actors did a great job with the three separate pieces.

3) Text chatting just now with my son about potential computer virus for his iphone. 

4) Finding out he hasn’t got a virus on his computer

5) Also finding out my daughter hasn’t go the Epstein Barr virus too, as this causes Glandular Fever. She just has a sore throat 

6) Cool rain on my face after the heat of the day

7) A great message from Susie on Skype 🙂

8) Skype. I love Skype. Thank you Estonia for creating this and giving it to the world for free.

9) Listening to Seasick Steve on Spotify. Thanks Sweden for creating this and giving it to the world for free.

10) Finding out that Pilot are on a list of unsecured creditors for our payment from Exeter Northcott Theatre as they have gone into Administration. (I don’t like this)

11) to cheer myself up about this I have decided to offer a Bonus Blog Prize….

A prize from Buenos Aires for the first comment on here to name the date of the gig on the top white T-Shirt….

PS it will be a good prize

…it will be biscuits




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