The first run through pictures

5 Mar
Here are some of images from the first run through – firstly Camila Y Lucas,  the piece by  Luz Rodriguez Urquiza, with some of the video images by Pato Montalbetti. The actors are Celeste Martinez and Julian Sierra



And here is Julian Sierra as Marcelo in ‘New Business Transactions by Carlos de Urquiza, again with video projection by Pato Montalbetti



We finished the run and have all packed up for the weekend. I have just returned from working Cynthia and Ricardio (who is a sound genius) and we have recorded all 54 sound cues that Cynthia makes as the principal in the New Business Transactions piece. So those will be fitted into the sound plot for next week. I was also busy mixing some tracks in GarageBand earlier today – including a well used toilet flush sound effect, last heard in – Sing Yer Heart Out and previously in Beautiful Thing…so this is it’s third outing in a Pilot Theatre show. See it pays to keep that folder in iTunes of previous soundtracks. A big thanks too must also go to Sandy Nuttgens as once again I have managed to get a couple of his rather brilliant ambient tension tracks into the past section.

Here is Ricardo working in his recording studio


So WC School – made in Argentina is on its way and I am glad for the break this weekend. I am looking forward to visiting La Boca as well as Palermo and hoping for a trip to the unbelievably sounded theme park that is Tierra Santa. Which promises to be a pictorial treat….

I will get plenty of pictures but to whet your appetite here is a sneaky peak of what lies ahead

Adios, y ciao mis amigos…

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