In Recovery…

7 Mar
I have been laid low on Saturday by a stomach bug so spent much of my time in bed. It was the water – not this picture of beautiful Tigre, but some I had with a meal on Friday night as at the time I remember thinking ‘ this glass tastes as if it has just come from a musty box under the stairs of an ageing relative…’ It was an amazing restaurant though and the steak I had was the best of my life. Ever. Just the water that nearly finished me off…





So much of the day in bed as I said bit then Maria Ines and Carlos did come round and pick me up an take me to Tigre. A beautiful resort on the delta with fresh air, breeze and a great old fruit market. Some shopping for Mate Gourds and stuff to bring back, and then home again to crash out in bed for the rest of the day. Will catch up properly tomorrow as I have just woken up and am feeling much better. Planning to go to La Boca.

Below are Maria Ines Falconi and Carlos de Urquiza during our visit to Tigre


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