Katie Posner’s Blog – Pilot Theatre’s Associate Director – Opening The Fever Chart

7 Mar


Katie is the Associate Director for Pilot Theatre and is currently directing The Fever Chart


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Katie is busy working in London this week as we open The Fever Chart at Trafalgar Studios in The West End. We open on Tiesday and press night is Thursday. It is amazing to think that as a company Pilot Theatre will have two shows running at the same time on opposite sides of the world. I open WC School – Made in Argentina in Buenos Aires this Friday. It is a long way from the days of van touring into schools on wet Yorkshire mornings. Those were formative times for the company and now are able to diversify and develop our work, not only with our performing work but also our International Conference Shift Happens.

We will link between the two productions this week with skype and livestream to allow both companies to share the opening and to chat online. I will let you know the details in time, but as I am still feeling a bit ropey, thought you might want to catch up with Katie’s blog rather than my ramblings for a while.

til later and ciao!


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