Reasons to be cheerful – part three #3

7 Mar




1) I got touched by the hand of God…almost

2) I spent the day not being ill 

3) I visited La Boca for breakfast and Plaza Serrano for lunch on the bus

4) it costs 1 peso 25 cents for each bus ride (about 20p)

5) I spoke to all my family via skype and saw the chickpea curry and butter chicken curry that Mills had made

6) This made me homesick for a good curry

7) Dulce de Leche – is a national sport here as far as dessert is concerned. It is sweet caramelised milk

8) An Italian legacy here is the ice cream. They add Dulce de leche to this too. It is very sweet. 

9) The best steak of my life has finally happened. Again.

10) We are opening the show this week here in Buenos Aires and also The Fever Chart opens in London

11) I can still get away with wearing shorts

12) I saw Tango dancing while I had a cup of coffee in La Boca

13) The A/C in my room last night when I was feeling ill

14) Ice cold water

15) The GPS on my phone. Without it I would not be here.

16) The light on the buildings in La Boca…



17) The dancing when you have your breakfast coffee



18) The colourful bus on the way home up Avenue Santa Fe



19)The sunny Square that is Plaza Serrano



20) A picture of the Battenburg Cake  made by my daughter…


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