I am losing all sense of space and time…

10 Mar

I have been here for three weeks now and days are merging into one another. I cannot remember what I did last Wednesday for example, or the Thursday before that. I can’t remember what I ate where and when. I wake up, I walk to the theatre space, I enter it and leave ten hours later into the same street but the light is now different. I see strange things. Why is this man always here with all those dogs? I see him every morning. He now says Hello. I do not know his name. I think of him as Amores Perros.


My friend Dirk is here, he arrived with his partner Odette. They got the time wrong. They were an hour early. It is the iphone’s fault. They have come from Berlin. But they had to fly to London and then back to Frankfurt before they came to Buenos Aires. Strange. It is hot. We are eating pizza out of boxes. Inside the theatre. He reminds me I am making a show in Buenos Aires. That is a long way from home. There is a director’s workshop next week. Dirk says we may go to Uruguay. For the day. To Montevideo.


I am livestreaming a technical rehearsal to York. My Facebook is open and it shows me where I have been, but it did not look like this. I get a text from Katie asking about the Phillip Glass CD. Do I know what it is? Have I seen it?  She is opening a show today too. In London. I am here. It is still hot. I am talking to my son about him booking a flight to Pisa. He is waiting for a bus. We are late starting our run.


The day started not well. A message from a friend. About a friend of his. Not good. Been on my mind all day, running out of time. Will we reach the end. This is part of the process everyone says. We have things to do. I leave a message on Facebook for Pato. It is strange and about a cue for the show. It sounds odd. It asks for the body part to be moved to later and to ask it to be nearer the mouth, and for Che to morph into Arnold later…This is not a normal message. Or maybe it is. It is production week. I am tired. The first section with the video camera cue looks good. I like it. it is weird, Celeste looks like she wants to kill Julian. We talk about costumes. I suggested taking a cheese grater to Julian’s hooded top. I could not find the right word. I know it now. it is el ralador de queso. I will use it tomorrow.


A message from Katie arrives. The London West End premiere has gone well. I am not there. It feels strange. I speak to her she is over the moon. It is later there. So that is why. I am very delighted. Text from Sarah. She is on a train. Good news. The show went well. I can sleep. Until the morning. Maybe I am too old for this now. Laura adjusting the lights looks like Patti Smith in concert. But up a ladder.


I am home now. Bed calls. I go to the supermarket below my apartment to get something to drink. I do not buy this. I think the name is wrong. So I photograph it. In the shop. With my phone. This is not normal behaviour. it is not a healthy way to live. I bought some Toilet Duck. Life has to go on.


Production weeks…where time and space always run out before you have finished the final run through. I think that my state of mind has also been influenced by my viewing in 3D in Castellano with subtitles…Alicia en el país de las maravillas…Where all the best people are mad – according to Tim Burton (After Lewis Carroll)

Adios mis Amigos



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