20 things I have learned during the tech for this show

11 Mar



1) Let Pato access his work PC at home from my Mac in the theatre. The AV will get done via the wonders of the web

2) Bring croissants every morning and biscuits in the afternoon

3) Sometimes you have to do a run for the Press even before you have finished teching the show
4) Patagonian lamb flavoured potato chips are the strangest flavour I have ever seen
5) The best home-made hamburgers arrived today with salad. They are all gone.
6) Don’t trip over the AV cable to the projector just before starting the tech of the last section.
7) Always have a spare AV cable for a projector during a tech run
8) Always have a back up copy of the AV tracks before you trip over said cable
9) Remember to collect your dry cleaning earlier
10) Buying a new cafetiere for the theatre and bringing freshly ground coffee starts the day well
11) Never forget that when you do a run, the work from the last three weeks will seem to count for nothing.
12) Remember it will come back and the work you have done in the last three weeks will count for something (hopefully)
13) When walking home tired, remember stop lights are red and green mean go when crossing the road
14) Always carry Imodium when making a show, they will stop, what I believe in the trade is known as ‘intestinal hurry’
15) But the tech team a drink. Always. This rule is not only unwritten law, but it is also a golden rule, and it must never be broken…
16) Don’t forget to contact your Associate Director and ask how the second night went for the other show
17) Second nights always do that. They are always glitchy. 
18) Remember it is never to late to cut a section
19) Always wear good shoes, you are on your feet up and down for days at a time
20) Try and remember that it always feels like this, whether you are making a show in Buenos Aires, Beijing or York. Make mental notes and tell yourself this next time.

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