If only there was an extra hour in the day…

12 Mar


So…this is at the end of my street.

Open 25 hours. It is what I feel like at the moment. If only there was just one more hour things would be OK.

We had our dress runs (2) today. They went. I won’t say well. But that is a good omen here too. Difficult technical things to solve, and made harder as our AV designer was working elsewhere today, so I was on projector duty. Moving it, bringing it in, working with the sound cues, and for those of you who know. I am not a technician. At all. Ever.

So we are remixing the AV cues tonight, the 54 sound cue section of the conversation is being put into another format to make the ease of operation more smooth. I have printed out the prop pictures of the video for the actors, Found the right sweet props that have clocks on, and we have replotted some lighting states and altered some timings. We open tomorrow (or today, depending on when you read this) So for those of you ahead in time…We open on March 12th. At 10.00pm local time here in Buenos Aires. Which is 1.00 am in the UK

We will have to have another run tomorrow, a final run in the afternoon. Why? because we then have to take all the set down, and put it to the side, and clear the props, and the floor lights, and make way for the Tango class which starts at 6pm. They finish at 9.00 so we have time to put it all back again before the show starts at 10.00. I hope. As it is first night. And press night, and we have guests from Germany too as well as the National press. So no pressure then? An hour is fine before we start….I am told…which is why in reality I could do with that extra hour that the shop seems to have found.

I spoke to Katie Posner, Pilot’s Associate Director about our West End press night for The Fever Chart. By all accounts it went well, and there was a great turnout. So maybe I can have one of the three hours that the UK are ahead to help me?

The devil of course is in the detail, and the show I am making here has a lot of sound, images, cues and stuff and I have been focussing hard on bringing all this together – and the cast and team have been patient with me – as of course this is all being performed in Castellano, a fact that I keep forgetting. I am directing a show and managing a production week and watching a show in another language.

I will go out now. Eat some food. Then come back and sleep. Oh and by the way, I remembered to collect my dry-cleaning .

Ciao, mis amigos


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