the show begins…

13 Mar


The lull before the calm…in the office with Cecilia and Maria Ines from UPB and the actors, Celeste Martinez and Julian Sierra. We spent the day reworking the cues and the transitions, with me, yes yours truly operating the projector… We did a final dress run at 3pm before packing up the whole set to allow the Tango class to run on time…It’s an Argentinian thing – so I am told!

So we had chance for a coffee and a catch up before we opened at 10pm – the usual theatre time here in Argentina. In fact the usual time is actually 11pm… A brief chance to wait as the audience entered the bar area. Here is Laura our LX technician catching up with ASM Maxi


The show started about 10 minutes late as we had an absolutely full house… in fact people were sitting on the stairs. I am pleased to say that the National Press turned out and we had a heaving room full of people fighting for seats. I am also please to let you know that it went off with only a few minor hitches and glitches, and none that the Press (hopefully) wouldn’t pick up on…

Here is Julian in the ‘I don’t want to be Che Guevara’ piece


It was great to meet up with Dirk, Sven and Odette from Berlin – old friends from Magic Net and now Platform 11. We are going to meet up this weekend and enjoy the city…

To bed now. Tired / Exhausted / Y Entonces?


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