I’ve been thinking…

14 Mar


…about new things, new stuff for the first time in 3 weeks. It is what happens, when you are doing a show all of the stuff that fills the front part of your brain is focused on the show, the technical details, the text, the subject matter, the team working on it, and really, it sounds crazy but it totally dominates that bit of your head. The moment the show opens it is like there is a headache that has lifted, and all the stuff that was clogging up your brain gets filed away, pushed further to the back and allows new stuff to come in. This is a great feeling. A mixture of relief and future plans all rolled into one.

The nearest way to describe this feeling is the moment you finish your last exam. For weeks they have been looming, you prepare, cram and try and squeeze all that information into your head, then you are in the middle of them and your life is like a blur as you move between one exam and the next. Then they finish. The stuff you crammed in starts to drift away, the air feels sweeter and it feels like there is spring in the air again. You pick up a novel that has been lying on your bedside and open it for the first time. It feels good, and you set out on the next part of the journey

The Thinker, by Rodin, one of several round the world is outside the Congress Building in Buenos Aires. I spent some time thinking too today as I walked the city and joined up my map geography and headed to Puerto Madero – the docklands development area.


This is one of the newest docklands developments, and it really is a worldwide template. The docks and wharves are crammed with high rise developments and new walkways, bridges and restaurants. The first to colonise here are TGI Fridays and Hooters…the 21st Century equivalent of rats arriving from places far away. Some remnants of history are left behind to remind the shiny new visitors of the work that once happened here. So the lonely lifting crane has had a fresh lick of yellow paint and some new under lighting installed. I know that this port was once one of the largest in the world with several inland harbours.

I know this as my grandfather for some years worked as ships doctor for the Houlder Line, and he sailed on The Hardwicke Grange 2 between Liverpool and Buenos Aires for many years. He would be away for three months at a time, and as a small child I remember being totally enthralled with his stories of far away travel. I can now see why he too fell in love with this city, his return would always bring gifts, from Argentina, leather bags and belts and and strange food. He grew up in Cardiff and as I passed one of the shiny cobbled walkways my eye was caught by this…


The Globe Foundry Co, Cardiff – how many ships had been tied to this over the years, and I wondered too if my Grandfather had walked across these cobbles all those years ago. Rethinking my family history and telling stories continued throughout the day. I spoke to Susie back home and she had all her family with her as it was the anniversary of her father’s death six years ago and of course he was my children’s grandfather. Later that night on Skype my son proudly showed me a framed picture he had been given that day which had been painted by his grandfather, and he has just called me to ask where the picture hanging stuff is in our messy garage.

It struck me here, being as long way from home, how important these people are to our lives, even after they are no longer here.

One Response to “I’ve been thinking…”

  1. Emiliano February 5, 2014 at 2:39 pm #

    Hi Marcus,

    My name is Emiliano Rodriguez, I work at Puerto Madero and every day I walk through the docks at Puerto Madero. Every day I see the mooring with the words “Globe Foundry – Cardiff” and ask myself what history does it contains!
    I began to surf the web and found the history of Cardiff, the castle, etc. I wonder if there was a foundry at Cardiff that made this mooring? Or is it a reference of Cardiff port where ships came from? I understand that Cardiff used to export tons of coal, may be we received shipments of coal to Puerto Madero? Would you grandfather be at those ships? I was really excited when I saw this picture and your comments! It is incredible how we can reconstruct history through the help of the web. Would you have more information about your grandfather trips to sahre and understand this part of our history? NIce to contact you and thanks for sharing your experience.

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