Be a traveller not a tourist…

16 Mar


Be a traveller not a tourist….BA travellers guide

1) Use public transport. but remember the metro stops at 11pm
2) Use the bus. They are cool and fly by you all the time. It is 1.25 pesos to go most anywhere. And you will feel and look like you are in a movie


3) Walk everywhere else, but remember the Avenue de 9 Julio is the widest avenue in the world. It has 18 lanes of traffic – 7 lanes in each direction and two dual carriageways at either side just to catch you out. Use the subway. Or cross at the Obelisk if you want to stay alive…


4) Remember the ‘ll’ here is pronounced ‘szh’ so ‘Parilla’ is Pareezha’
5) Remember that ‘Y’ is pronounced as a ‘J’

6) The main grid system is like Manhattan, the Architecture is a little like Barcelona, the traffic drives unlike anywhere else in the world. The term ‘point the car – and go” is the mantra here.

7) No-one stops at zebra crossings for you – You have to use Jedi mind powers
8) Never forget the Malvinas are Argentinian


9) If you are going to buy churros – do so from a man on a bicycle in a hat


10) Always have a siesta. That means you get two goes at every day, and you can get up and go out for coffee twice…
11) Get your laundry and dry cleaning done every week. Pressed shirts and clean jeans make you feel like you are not a tourist
12) Speak the language as best as you can, don’t be afraid to ask for the word or ask people to speak lentamente or slowly.

13) Don’t wear flip flops on the undergound. Well, would you in London? it just looks odd and isn’t cool.

14) which team do you support? – if in the north ‘River’ if the south ‘La Boca’
15) Set off early to work and get the pictures you want when crossing Avenue Cabildo


Am off to do the show now. No livestreaming tonight as we are running the sound from Qlab on my Mac and I am operating the projector. But will try for tomorrow

Remember ….sea un viajero – no un turista
Til later

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