Tango, Steak, Football, and a young Che Guevara…

16 Mar

An Argentinian night out…


…As the couple were standing between the two toilets, the man scratched his head, and she waited patiently to start dancing, we entered the Cantina Restaurant. With strip lights and plastic tables it was truly heaven on earth…The workshop had finished day one, and the directors from Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina, Germany and England…sat down to eat food together. Our tables were pushed together in between the Tango class to our right and the 5-a-side football club behind us. The football continued and the shouts and the sweat mixed with the sound and smell of char grilled meat. Belen, from Argentina seemed unfazed by this arrangement. She ordered the chicken, we ordered the steak.


As the thud of the ball against the railings behind our head, the cd player and the dancers skipped a beat as we tucked into our dead animal once more, only this time sitting on cracked garden chairs. It was like a barbecue in a friend’s garage and the only other things that turned our heads were –
1) A runaway small dog that hid under my chair and had to be fished out twice before running back in again
2) A young Che Guevara who entered with a girl and spent a minute or so watching the tango class before leaving. he looked at me, smiled, then just disappeared…


The day had been full, talking, listening, finding out about each others’ work. All very different, but with an overriding urge to affect change and to enable ideas for and with our audiences. Tomorrow is busy as I have to plan my workshop, plus we have a show tomorrow night for the University Students and I have a talkback with them after the show which starts at 9pm. I will try and livestream this tomorrow night (March 16th – 9pm Buenos Aires is Midnight UK time I am afraid…) But I will try on http://pilot-theatre.tv We have a show on Wednesday 17th too, this time at 7pm here 10pm UK and again I will see if we can livestream this too. I will keep you updated, but it could be cool to take a look at the work we have been doing here for the last four weeks.

Travel plans are afoot too. Not only have my details with BA been tentatively confirmed but I have to check the website daily for updates, but we are scheduled to fly back via Sao Paolo. Before then, we are going to take a boat trip to Montevideo across the River to Uruguay. It is a three hour crossing and the river is wide….as someone once said…
My new shoes have some travelling to do, and I thought I would give the ubiquitous new leather ‘Chucks’ – made in Brazil – a trip out tonight on the Subway…


So, ciao mis amigos, a manana


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