The performance for the directors and the students…

18 Mar

Was fascinating to watch and to then be part of the talkback discussion. We had a pretty full house the last two nights here in Buenos Aires, and the after show talk was really inspiring tonight. The acting students and some school students too were really engaged and complementary about the whole production. They said that the content and style of the three pieces worked really well as the actors were totally different in each section. The clarity of the storytelling and the style of the scenography was something that they felt suited the individual pieces. The said they felt moved and connected to the pieces and also felt that if they had seen this with their parents, it would have given them opportunities to discuss the pieces with them too. One of the directors in the audience commented that this show was not suitable for young people, at which one of the students, politely, and firmly told her that how could this be the case after what they had just been saying. I was so glad that the target audience for the work were in tonight as they really rose to the challenge and the level of debate was inspiring and invigorating. I felt very pleased with the project and the team, and Maria Ines too felt that this response was really everything we had worked for with this challenging and non-compomising play.

I have just returned from dinner, and we ate at a great Parilla as the heavens well and truly opened. The biggest, baddest thunderstorm I have ever known. The barbecue was taking in water and the chefs were bailing out with brooms and buckets. The meat (of course) arrived and as I sat and looked at the great pile of hot meat in front of me I realised that my time here too was drawing to a close. I fly back on Saturday and as I thought that there only a couple of days left I too am starting to feel like the lone lettuce leaf on the hot grill…


…slightly out of place as my thoughts are now turning to home, and work and audiences for our London show and such things that are filling my brain with ache. I have a day of adventure ahead though. I am getting up at 6am and jumping into a cab to pick up Dirk and Odette, as we are off to another country tomorrow. Money will be changed, rivers will be crossed in a boat as we head north across the Rio Plata to Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. I will keep you posted and will hopefully be able to send a picture or too from this exciting and beautiful city.

There is a tinge of autumn in the air and the thunderstorm confirms this. I saw the first leaves fall this morning on my way into work…


And I past a window where the signs ‘2010 autumn and winter sales are now starting’ were being put up…It must be a sign to start heading back home with a spring in my step

Til later

Ciao Ciao Chicos!


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