Brasil….the journey so far…

20 Mar

How much for excess baggage? That’ll be 50 dollars Mr Romer. An old sweatshirt and some rather rank trainers ended up in the bin to bring down the weight of my bag.

Unpacking your carefully packed, shoe wrapped, freshly pressed and laundered clothes at the front of the queue in a hurry is not funny.

But still, sans trainers and sweatshirt it cost me 50 bucks or nearly 300 pesos.
Thanks BA please put it in the tin.

A very bumpy flight to Sao Paolo and yep the plane is jam packed full. Also watching ‘up in the air’ with George Clooney in it only made me feel more queasy…not good. And not helped as we were given a soft doughy sandwich with a cheesy filling. A bit like the movie…

So refuelling here and the on board maintenance have come to fix my wonky table.

Twelve hours flying time to Heathrow from here, but good news. The show reports from The Fever Chart in London show that we are picking up more audience – go team Pilot!

So off grid for a while till early doors in London. Just found our the Piccadilly line from Heathrow is closed today and tomorrow. So deep joy dragging the now slightly lightened case onto the replacement bus service.



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