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Catcher – In rehearsals with @pilot_theatre

30 Apr

Catcher – In rehearsals with @pilot_theatre

Live skype rehearsal to Buenos Aires works so well – a real life Gamechanger…

27 Apr


Julian, Soli and Tati rehearsing live in Buenos Aires on skype

OK having just finished a 2 hour session working with the actors and we were 7,000 miles apart is a complete gamechanger.

The ability to direct / work / interact / discuss / share ideas and above all create a piece of theatre across the globe / live, means the world is now a different place. It means that we can really be creative with our time, resources and skills to make something really amazing.

Of course I had met the team before, and worked with them in their theatre space in Buenos Aires. But for that 2 hours I was totally back in that space again and was able to revisit the work, adpat and reshape thoughts and ideas. For sure we had a shorthand already, but this was able to be hooked into straight away.

The show is coming to York and we will livestream it to the world. But in the meantime I am looking forward to my next rehearsal on Monday May 3rd and in the meantime my thinking cap is most definitely – On…!

This is just the beginning as – Shift has Happened…for sure

WC School – Made in Argentina



Live rehearsal on skype between York and Buenos Aires

27 Apr

AudioBoo / Pilot Podcast: Day two of Catcher Rehearsal

27 Apr

AudioBoo / Pilot Podcast: Day two of Catcher Rehearsal – great interview with Ronan and Mitzi by Bec

AudioBoo / ‘Catcher’ from @documentally last year after the livestream

27 Apr

An audiboo after the livestream of Catcher last year…

Readthrough for ‘Catcher’

26 Apr


Today is day one for our new production of ‘Catcher’ by Richard Hurford

It is being directed by Suzann McLean and has Mitzi Jones and Ronan Summers in the cast

We premiered the first showing of this at Shift Happens last July when we livestreamed it from the conference.

The feedback was so strong that we decided to give this a full production.

It tells the story of the night before John Lennon was shot, when a man in a hotel room in New York brought a prostitute to his room.

She too was wearing a green dress. Like Sunny, the character in Catcher in the Rye that Holden Caulfield also invites his room.

Chapman copied identically the journey of Caulfield in the novel.

The woman has never been traced from that fateful night in 1980

Until now….




Magnolia in my garden…

25 Apr


As rain is forecast these delicate blooms may not make it through the night.

So I wanted to share them with you, before it was too late.

I have just come back from a family party – my parents Golden Wedding meal to be precise, and it was extraordinary to catch up with sections of my family I haven’t seen for literally decades. It was a mixture of events with a formal meal then eating fish and chips for twenty people in their hotel suite, and then a day on the retro rides of childhood on the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool. Who knew the Wild Mouse was built in 1958…And it is still going strong. After more than 50 years too.

So I was thinking – all the more reason to celebrate the magnolia day here in York…

Happy Magnolia day


Pilot Theatre’s Platform Festival to and from New York, Lisbon and Buenos Aires

23 Apr

With work created to and from New York, Lisbon and Buenos Aires





You kiss by the book…

22 Apr

ITC Training Day

21 Apr