Coffee, Changes and Plans – new blog post

9 Apr

So here is my morning view. For a few days at least. I am down staying with Sandy Nuttgens at his place on the South Coast. We have been planning –

I have been thinking…

About work and making the stuff we do reach more people more effectively.

This theatre stuff has to find a better way of making a real engagement with audiences, and this has to be about content.

There are some new models for making this stuff available and as a sector we are not harnessing these properly yet.

We need to.

As we kick off this new year, financially at any rate, I am looking at our programme and touring schedule. At Pilot Theatre we have several new projects about to happen. Three new plays in May at the Theatre Royal in York as part of our Interntational platform season.

How best to make sure that people have an opportunity to share in the making and showing of this work?

We are working on our livestream programme too, and we will have the opportunity to share the project I made in Argentina, back to Buenos Aires with live two way chat in two languages. But are there ways you want to know and find out more about our work? Let me know

Looking ahead to our Romeo & Juliet tour from summer to next spring we are at a preliminary design stage. With this I want to include input and ideas from now from people who are interested in the project.

So if you are just leave a comment on here or drop us a line at Pilot Theatre.
This process is starting now and we look forward to hearing from you.

We are going to be casting May/June and we are looking to put a band together…and launching a reality show to cast the lead male called- ‘Wherefore art thou Romeo?’

Not really but we might put the call out like that…

On other news, the screenplay for ‘The Knife that Killed Me’ based on the novel by Anthony McGowan is being really well received. I completed draft
5 and this is now getting thumbs up and we are pretty close is all I am allowed to say at the moment. But again exciting times lie ahead.

So we will continue to make Shift Happen and not let it hit the fan. Our conference on July 5/6 is shaping up well and we have some incredible speakers lined up.

More details are here

So back to more coffee and thinking. Off to walk by the sea and stare out into the English Channel. Supposedly horizon gazing has the same effect as defragging your hard drive.

So that is what I need to do, and again if anyone wants to keep in touch or find out more about what we are up to then just get in touch. On Twitter I am @marcusromer

Til later


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