Things I have learned on my trip to Inverness

18 Apr


1 The A9 is the most beautiful and most dangerous road I have ever driven on.

2 There is still loads of snow as you can see from the photo of Aviemore

3 Taking the Bose Soundock and iPod with a remote control worked really well for the workshops

4 Take more warm clothes at this time of year to Inverness. It snowed this morning. Or maybe it was hail. Or very cold volcanic ash…

5 The Eden Court Theatre is a really excellent building with new spaces and a great public foyer and the best view of the River Ness from all aspects

6 Take more Pilot Theatre leaflets next time

7 Running three workshops of three hours each in a day and a half is very tiring and I have lost my voice. A bit.

8 Always join in when there is a ceilidh. Sooner rather than later. Or it might get messy

9 Go for the full Highlander breakfast every time

10 Remember that seven hours is a long drive. Take snacks and water. And some more. As you may have to wait while they recover the overturned bus.

11 Keep the workshops fluid and adapt as you go. And have some good new one liners.

12 Make sure that you make it clear that you will not drink Irn Bru. Be firm about this

13 Or eat Tablet. It doesn’t make human sense.

14 When someone asks for a whisky, make sure you get the order right. And don’t forger the water.

15 Use the A66 and drive home in low cloud on top of the Pennines. It feels like you are on the moon.

16 When you get home, write things like this down when you brain feels like linguini.

17 Accept the new Facebook and Twitter requests from new chums you have made

18 Keep thinking of plans to be able to take a show up there.

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