Rehearsing theatre 7,000 miles away

3 May


I am going to be directing a rehearsal with the actors in Buenos Aires tonight using Skype.

The show I made in March is coming over to the UK in two weeks time. So we have a chance to revisit some of the English and Argentinian Spanish texts.

Using the technology allows us to be ‘in the same room’ again, and as you can see from the photo the actors, Julian Sierra and Celeste Martinez, are in the studio space where we rehearsed and created the original piece.

This process becomes an immersive experience, and once we have got over the initial waving and saying hi and catching up on news and chat we can really begin to work.

Normally skype calls are about ten minutes long, and you get the info you need and then you start to wind things up.

Here for an extended two hour rehearsal session you do get absorbed and the work takes over from the technology. The ability to see work develop and grow over this medium again feels real, because of course that is what it is.

It is creative and allows us to share new ideas and have the debates and conversations as if we were all physically in the same room.

WC School – Made in Argentina opens in York on May 22nd

One Response to “Rehearsing theatre 7,000 miles away”

  1. flloydpk May 3, 2010 at 11:54 am #

    I rehearsed my play last year using a combination of Skype, googlechat and iVisit as we were in Brisbane Australia, Provo Utah, Phoenix Arizona and Philadelphia PA. It was exciting, challenging and ultimately satisfying. When we finally met in Brooklyn NY we quickly settled in to happily playing and exploring the physicality of sharing the same space. Here’s wishing you all the very best of luck, and the minimum of drop-outs of connection!!

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