Preparing to rehearse in Argentina via Skype #shifthappens

10 May

Again waiting for the actors, Julian Sierra and Celeste Martinez to join me for a rehearsal via skype. They will be at UPB Buenos Aires and I will be in my office at home – in York UK – and we will work on the play together / apart / and online.

I have also just got their train tickets from Heathrow to York, as they are arriving next Monday, May 17th. The show will open in York at the Theatre Royal on Saturday 22nd in the afternoon. So drop me a line if you need to find out any more.

I will take a couple of pictures while we are doing the rehearsals and drop them onto Facebook and Twitter (both on my /marcusromer pages)

Shift Happens  – and this is an example of how to use the technology in a way that allows creative engagement and participation in a totally immersive way.

We will livetream the actual performance which will be in Spanish when they are over here too

W.C. School – Made in Argentina details are here on the Pilot Theatre website here

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