Today has been busy for @pilot_theatre because….

19 May

1 The Actors and Assistant Director and I have gone into rehearsal for the show I made in Buenos Aires Today
2 We open the show on Saturday
3 We had a press interview all lunchtime
4 Our Platform 11 artist, Mari-Liis arrived from Estonia today – minus her luggage
5 It was our Press night for our show Catcher last night
6 We open a new show ‘Jack’ tomorrow and our Associate Director, Katie Posner and I had a catch up meeting at 6pm tonight
7 Suzann McLean, Director of Catcher ran the Youth Theatre workshop tonight
8 The casting breakdown for Romeo and Juliet went out today – already we have had over 1500 submissions in 8 hours
9 Have taken the Argentinian team out for a meal tonight as they hit the jet-lag wall after their 56 hour travel ordeal
10 Katherine has gone to Leeds to promote our Shift Happens conference tonight
11 Sarah is still away in Spain so we are juggling her office stuff too
12 Mandy has been holding all the tour bookings and producing strands together as well as contacting language schools to come and see our Argentinian show which is in Spanish and English.
13 I have just got back and received the new script edit from Juliet to get through before tomorrow
14 Carl our tech stage manager is washing shirts and Michael is packing the van for the Jack performance tomorrow
15 Our Catcher show is being assessed by the Arts Council tonight

Time for sleep now

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