International Collaboration and Emergency chairs

23 May

It was one of those impomptu evenings, a beautiful sunny day and after we had opened the show from Argentina. We were sitting outside the theatre – and I asked the question ‘anyone want to come back for tea?’

So 17 people said yes, so was there was one more thing I needed to do. Deploy the Emergency Chairs

Back at home we prepared food for the three acting companies we have with us at the moment – our guests included
Actors and directors from Buenos Aires, New York, Tallinn, Vancouver, as well as London, Newcastle, Manchester and York.

And yes we were sitting round our kitchen table on a varied height of chairs, garden furniture and deckchairs.

Extraordinary times and a fabulous evening, and as director of Pilot Theatre I took time to reflect on the International bunch sitting at different heights round the table and think how much the company has grown over the last few years.

We have three new shows running at the moment, three directors making the work and a project that links Europe and South America.

Viva Emergency Chairs!

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