Flowers for the set model for Romeo & Juliet

14 Jun


Our designer Chloe Lamford is working on creating the model for the set for our Romeo & Juliet production. The model meeting is next week, and as you can see she has been making mini bunches of flowers.

Flowers laid down where an event has occurred often mark the end of a tragic story. At the start of the play we are told that two star crossed lovers ‘take their lives’ and that the story will then be told until we reach that point. They are the end of the story and we will track back and discover the events through the eyes of a grieving mother

Flowers are fragile, beautiful, short lived and symbolise both celebration and death

So for us we are using this and taking it onto the design concept and we will have more to show you when we present the model next week

One Response to “Flowers for the set model for Romeo & Juliet”

  1. Anonymous June 14, 2010 at 8:41 am #

    Beautiful. How strange to see so many wonderful colours in those flowers and yet for the image to evoke a such a strong feeling of sadness in me. It must be because of the association of large numbers of cellophane wrapped flowers and sites of death and tragedy – so a brilliant concept I say (it worked for me). Can’t wait to see the model.

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