We Feel Fine… #shifthappens

8 Jul


So Shift has Happened…

Our third event ALT/Shift took place at York Theatre Royal this week. I am heading on a train to London now and wanted just to say a really big thankyou to all the 32 speakers and presenters and all the performers and delegates who made this shift possible.

Seriously, here at Pilot Theatre we have been knocked out by the feedback and support we have received. So again thanks.

On a personal level it was an extraordinary experience being able to bring together the speakers and for them to share their provocations and ideas with all of us in York.

I think this will be be of those ‘were you there?’ events

Highlights of course were the fact that we were able to speak to Sir Ken Robinson in LA and for his one hour keynote. The fact also that the skype held up for us to connect with John McGrath in Wales and Alice Greenwald in New York. These shifts would have been unimaginable a few years ago, and again highlighting the quote that what is coming down the track is more important than what has gone before.

Bringing Jonathan Harris for his keynote to share his storytelling and his online art with us was very moving and inspiring too. Having met him at TED it had long been my ambition to bring him to the UK to meet and share his work with everyone. It made us all feel fine I think.

We were also able to see inspiring performances from The Ice Book and Magician’s desk through to music and interactive light and cameras with jamjar collective.

The range, diversity and collision of the 18 minute talks works well. It forces is not to become complacent or knowing about a session and really is a mirror to how our brains actually work.

We make order our of the chaos and we retain and remember moments, images, thoughts and recollections.

We listen to good stories that are told well and we then retell these in our own way.

This was what was fascinating about the twitter backchannel. People sharing nuggets, links, pictures that were being inspired from the live talks. Again amplifying remixing and sharing. We shared with over 280,000 people those two days, and made over 2 million impressions with people via Twitter – many of whom were following the conference remotely in other parts of the planet…

This shift again would have been unthinkable a few years ago.

So for sure, something has indeed happened, and for me the legacy is the ‘what happens next’ bit

And that of course is over to you…


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Marcus Romer
Artistic Director
Pilot Theatre

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