final preparations – R&J rehearsal blog

13 Aug

We are getting stuff ready for the imminent arrival of the cast – the set is now built and will be in rehearsal on Monday afternoon. I have been working with co-director, Katie Posner, on the script, and also with composer Sandy Nuttgens who is writing and scoring the piece right now. We met on skype today and I will be getting some more tracks through this weekend as soundtrack guides to play with next week.

I always aim to work on the set in rehearsal – especially when dealing with physical work and fight sequences. The fight director can work with the actors on the actual space and it makes all the difference as we get used to the footprint of the set.

It always feels a little like the run up to a birthday or even Christmas as you head into a rehearsal process. There is the anticipation and build up from over a year that leads up to this point, and a mixture of excitement and just a little trepidation that accompanies it.

I will be blogging the process over the whole rehearsal and up to opening night. so will keep you posted. In the meantime I have a few last minute presents to buy and wrap…

until later


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