Important rehearsal discoveries – day 1 of R&J #kissbythebook

16 Aug

Day one – on the set in the space

Rule 1 Don’t do the readthrough on the first day.

I know this goes against all perceived wisdom and custom and practice, but we are going to do the readthrough tomorrow. The reason for this enforced decision is the late arrival of one of the cast who has just got married and is joining us on Tuesday.

This had meant that today, or rather this afternoon has been spent working with the 7 other cast members on character and impro work on the set with the soundtrack.

A really creative and innovative time with loads of ideas coming to the fore from the whole team. So hopefully the readthrough will feel creative and fun and not a first test of the company having to perform for each other for the first time.

Rule 2 Wherever and whenever possible have the set in rehearsal – I know it’s a logistic nightmare – but it really does mean we can create something that would never be possible if we met the set on the stage in tech week

Rule 3

Have soundtrack guides composed in advance. It just means you can play and use them as part of the process early enough to adapt and incorporate them.

More tip tips tomorrow!

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