How far did you think we’d get? #kissbythebook R&J day 5

20 Aug
On the set with Katie Posner, Richard James-Neale and William Travis


Well at least to page 17 – The end of Act one – in the text but not in the play. And we nearly did…almost

The party scene is a beast of a scene and it felt like air traffic control with planes stacked and circling overhead. How many sub scenes? and two way conversations needed to happen?

Well lots really and it is Romeo and Juliet’s first meeting and kiss. So stuff and work to focus on. Especially as we had to lose the set which got dismantled at 4.30 – so this meant a trip to the studio and hot seating the remaining characters.

A busy end to a busy week. More to do next week as we are working a couple of late evenings and the Saturday next week – we hope to get to ten end of the text by close of play next Saturday

Onwards….and upwards

In the meantime sleep and catching up on other Pilot Theatre work beckons…

here is the prologue track by our composer – the multi award winning Sandy Nuttgens…

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