Day 6 of R&J rehearsal #kissbythebook

24 Aug

We have moved back to the Walmgate rehearsal rooms now where the York Theatre Royal costume and prop store is.

We had a later call to allow the set to be re-fitted up again. It always takes a bit to get going on the second week. We had second costume fittings and Chloe was going through the new costumes with all the cast.

This meant we were a little slow to get going on Monday, but having said that we did manage to get up to page 26. We are going to try and get to the end of Act one today – page 37 plus we have a scheduled production meeting at 1pm and both Richard Howell (LX designer) and Chloe Lamford (Set and Costumes) will be joining us via skype for that.

I also have a skype meeting with composet Sandy Nuttgens about the soundtrack at 9.30 so I better get a move on as there is a lot to get through today. So Katie and I will be working pretty smartly today…

Go go gadget legs!

Til later

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