Things I love #kissbythebook R&J rehearsal blog

28 Aug


1 the silver birch tree in my garden swaying in the summer breeze
2 running the show for the first time

3 realising how much we have got right

4 realising how much we still have to do
5 drop box for enabling me to send the fight videos from the show to our composer
6 getting good script notes from Universal Pictures for a new film project

7 realising that the cast were the absolute right choice

8 the text from my son who enjoyed Arcade Fire at Leeds Festival
9 the smell of courgette frittata in our kitchen
10 the picked apples and plums in the fruit bowls
11 the chat with Katie Posner outside Paolo’s today
12 the text conversation with Sandy about the soundtrack
13 the family meal we are planning for Jamie and Smita tomorrow
14 finishing day 11 of rehearsal for R&J and working out we have 10 more working days before opening night.
15 working out we have 14 days before press night

16 working out I now have 2 days off
17 realising that I will be working on the soundtrack on Monday

18 the ideas and plans from our lx designer
19 being able to ‘send down the elevator’ and bring people up
20 getting an email from one of our team who will be lighting a show at The National Theatre this autumn

21 seeing how much the silver birch tree in my garden has grown….
22 remembering that my job allows me to make things with other creative people
23 making things with creative people
24 eating dinner in my kitchen with Susie
25 being the age I am


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