This week’s new theatre | Stage | The Guardian #kissbythebook preview

13 Sep

Romeo and Juliet previewed in The Guardian on Saturday

“To be honest, very few stage revivals of Shakespeare’s play have quite the impact of Baz Lurhmann’s 1996 movie version starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes, which captured all the violence of Verona and all the exhilaration and melancholy of first love. But if there is a company that can really drag the star-crossed lovers into the 21st century, it should be Pilot, which has created a body of work that speaks to young people and explores their world. The carpet of flowers laid out before Kensington Palace after Diana’s death or those roadside shrines to accident victims is the visual starting point of a production that offers a way into the drama through the grieving Lady Capulet, mother of the dead Juliet. A young cast, some only just out of drama school, should give this the drive and energy it needs to feel contemporary and relevant.”

York Theatre Royal, to 25 Sep

Lyn Gardner

click the Guardian link to read the full article

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