Things that have happened to me this week – and Cheryl Cole’s dog

30 Sep


Mitzi Jones (from Vancouver) who played Sunny in our last show (Catcher) greets Rachel Spicer (also from Vancouver) who is Juliet in our current show…Romeo and Juliet – #kissbythebook

We took the show to Yeovil after finishing our run in York. It took me over 6 and a half hours on the train. Yeovil is a long way away.

We are now on tour and stuff happens now – like half the cast deciding to stay in a caravan. They are the Montagues.

The Capulets are in a mansion overlooking rolling hills with balconies and ensuite facilities…It is apparently Poker night in the caravan tonight…

I also took my son to London to start at LSE. I got a £120 parking fine whilst unloading a fridge behind Tate Modern. The fruit in his fridge has gone mouldy now he said. Well, that has cost me…

It rained a lot. It rained all day in Yeovil too. This morning a woman in a cafe made me a sandwich – she had prepared 30 chicken nuggets on the counter previously that morning, they were free. I declined. She told us that she came to work on a mobility scooter.

I sat on the train today next to Cheryl Cole’s dog. He was with her mam and her brother. The dog drank evian water and ate a chicken panini. This is true as are all the facts on this blogpost

The show went down well. We have had to alter the fights again. Mercutio has no spare ribs left…we need to keep the ones he has.

The audience asked us questions before the show. They had heard it was in modern dress…whatever that means. For me it is easier to identify with characters who aren’t wearing baggy tights and strange doublets. Who knew?

I was shown how to drink a cup of tea using a twix and a timeout as a straw. Strange Newcastle ritual apparently.

This blogpost was written whilst listening to UFO by Newton Faulkner – but I haven’t posted that on here, but I have posted Kiss by the book by Sandy Nuttgens with Molly McQueen

The aforementioned dog is here eyeing the panini next to what appears to be a dead man ( he wasn’t) just a snory business man…


That is all…



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