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A Christmas kind of city

31 Oct

Tallinn Tales

The view from my window today

31 Oct

The old Town view of Tallinn from the window this morning

Pretty cold, and a night with an extra hour The young people who made the show are leaving this morning and we have a management meeting at the National Library

We are putting the plans in place for a final coproduction between 12 theatres from 12 EU countries as part of our Platform 11 project

More coffee will be needed

Til later


In Tallinn the show is made for Platform EU project @pilot_theatre

30 Oct



Reasons to be cheerful – part 39

29 Oct

> >


1 Arriving in Copenhagen and seeing their hot dog menu
2 Making my flight connection to Tallinn
3 Not losing my iPhone 

4 Seeing the company yesterday in The Brunton Theatre perform 2 great shows
5 Getting the TEDx York licence finalised
6 Having a great idea for a new theatre project
7 Chatting on Twitter with supportive people about work plans
8 Running the length of Copenhagen Airport – to recheck in
9 Sitting in departures now and being able to write this
10 Looking forward to seeing the devised performance in Tallinn tonight with our Pilot Theatre team
11 Catching up with old and new friends in Estonia as part of our Platform 11 project
12 Only ever having hand luggage (this should have been number 1 really)
13 Arrived in Tallinn now (latest news)

That is all


Thought you might like to see a shot from our show #kissbythebook

26 Oct


Click to go large – its better that way 🙂

Rachel Spicer onstage as Juliet in R&J #artsfunding #it’swhatwedo

25 Oct

A little reminder that here at Pilot Theatre with our #artsfunding – we are able to make beautiful shows, that look like this, that are currently touring the country to packed mid-scale theatre houses for 22 weeks until next April…
Just saying..

again click to enlarge the image taken by Karl Andre

Marcus Romer – Artistic Director – Pilot Theatre

1,103,314 tweet impressions on twitter last week about #artsfunding

25 Oct


The activity during the Spending Review announcement last week from October 19th – 23rd

Just click the image to see the larger version

Marcus Romer – Artistic Director – Pilot Theatre