Starfish – the way to hang on #artsfunding

15 Oct


I took this picture of a starfish in a window in Leeds on Thursday.

It reminded me of being in Monterey, California…

You see – because


I was at a Board Training day

In Leeds

I raised the starfish issue – which I am rather attached to …

I learned this at TED and have been fascinated by their way of survival

You see a starfish has no central nervous system

Which I like

Also if a starfish loses a limb

It grows another back

The bit that it loses?

Turns into…

Another starfish


Yes indeed

Which I also like…

So hard to get rid of with a series of cuts?

Yes indeed

So – diversify – and make sure you can regrow if cut

Attach your limbs to different areas of work

Which is good…

Allow growth to new areas if they are cut – don’t discard them

New things will develop

Which is always a good idea

Hang on tight…

Be prepared to change shape

You will survive

Like a starfish

Which I really  like…

That is all…

but if you want to know more

check out the story of the spider and the starfish book here…(rather good)



One Response to “Starfish – the way to hang on #artsfunding”

  1. SMR October 17, 2010 at 11:41 pm #

    Funny that. I was at that very Board training day and heard speak of the starfish analogy ūüôā And funny too, that my eldest sat me down today and made me listen to this most beautiful song by Antony and the Johnsons: whilst it may speak of domestic abuse and heartbreak, (OK, and possibly even transexuality?) it also speaks of unstoppable growth, healing, muscle and life in the face of cuts and damage. So this is my offer to your most positive of blogs on the eve of Mr Osborne’s foray into ‘economic masochism’. We will grow back like a starfish.Thanks Marcus,Sara

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