Spending review email from ACE #artsfunding

20 Oct
This afternoon, following the Chancellor???s statement, the DCMS confirmed in a press briefing that the budget for the Arts Council has been cut by 29.6 %. This means the money we currently have to spend, ??450m, will go down to ??350m in real terms in 2014. Our cut in the first year (11/12) is around 14%. The full numbers are as follows:

  • 2011/12  – ??387.7
  • 2012/13  – ??359.2
  • 2013/14  – ??351.6
  • 2014/15  – ??349.4

These cuts will inevitably have a significant impact on the cultural life of the country.

The Secretary of State has indicated in his settlement letter that he would like to keep the overall effect on the budget to regularly funded organisations to 15% over four years. This is a reflection of the number we indicated to the Chancellor as a tipping point for the arts. This is a decision for National Council, who have previously agreed to try and limit the effects on funded organisations. It is still our intention to try and limit any cut in the first year to less than 10%.

Council will consider the overall position when it meets on 25 October. We will announce how we will be implementing the cuts shortly after, and will then get on with the job in hand.

Thank you for all your efforts in making the case for the arts. Although the settlement is tough I believe we did get the message through that the arts matter – but in a tough context for public spending. With your help we will manage it as well as we can.

Chief Executive
Arts Council England

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