Serious thinking required now #artsfunding

23 Oct


A few things have happened this week that have really started me thinking

Firstly of course the spending review and the impact that this is going to have on the whole of the country

Secondly that my computer completely crashed on Thursday morning. Possibly due to over activity on the artsfunding front. Or more unlikely I have been zapped from cyberspace for sticking my head too far above the parapet.

Either way my back up would not mount on my hard drive and so at the moment I am without all my music, photos and documents.

So I have been thinking


And without my trusty Mac, which normally is spinning for at least 12 hours a day, I am starting from the ground up


Which is a useful place to start. Not just thinking but rethinking. From the beginning again.

We know that in the words of Jim Cartwright from ‘Road’

‘Can we have before again?’

is not going to happen

So what we do need to do is look for new creative and innovative solutions to how we are all going to get through this. Together. And that means – no in fighting. It means solidarity and all those words which have sort of fallen away over the years.

So with regard to ideas, I am suggesting that the artsfunding ning site becomes a place for sharing and discussing ideas

From the ground up. As for once now the phoney war is over – All bets are off – so therefore there is everything to play for

And of course please feel free to drop me a line on any of the networks too

In the meantime I am working without any of my info from the recent and distant past, in the belief that at some point those things will find their way back onto my hard drive too


Marcus Romer

October 22 2010

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