Another list for 2010 #blog

29 Dec


Firsts for me this year…

Getting to go to South America

Getting this Posterous blog working
Getting a show up and running in Spanish in Buenos Aires
Getting the boat to Montevideo
Getting invited to speak at the RSA/ACE State of the Arts Conference
Getting a Tattoo in Buenos Aires

Getting to Wexford to speak at the Theatre Forum Conference

Getting my name on a poster outside a West End Theatre for The Fever Chart

Getting the TEDx Licence for York
Getting the potential of the artsfunding hashtag
Getting the site on the radar
Getting invited to speak at the ICA
Getting my son to his new start at University in the car
Getting a parking ticket for £120 quid on the same day whilst dropping him off at Uni
Getting my old office back after he had gone to Uni
Getting one of my plays translated and published in Germany
Getting that whole Shakespeare thing

Getting Roy Williams to write us a new play
Getting to go to Estonia for work
Getting a new hamster

Getting new adventure bangles

Getting a letter published in the Evening Standard
Getting Sir Ken Robinson to deliver a Keynote via Skype for Shift Happens
Getting inspiration from new collaborations and projects
Getting older – and liking it



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