Hockney in York – Bigger Trees Near Warter #Artsfunding

16 Feb

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I have just spent an inspiring lunchtime in the presence of David Hockney. Or rather, in the presence of the 50 connected panels that make up the brilliant ‘Bigger Trees Near Warter’ which is currently on display at York Art Gallery.

It is vast in scale and vision, and typifies everything that is great about the Arts. To see this for free during my lunch hour across the road from our office is an amazing privilege.

In fact it has inspired me in ways I was not anticipating. Again one of the values that this work has for us all. As I return to my desk I wanted to share these thoughts and to try to make sense of where we are at this current time. We are waiting for funding decisions for sure and it is a bit of a creative ‘airlock’ time

However the conversations I have just had with fellow visitors to the gallery, people I have never met before, all sharing the delight of being part of a bigger story reminds me that it is these things that make us all human. The reaffirming sense of connecting with an original, brave, vast piece of work helps us to focus on the small real and important things in life.

So onwards with a renewed energy and into the bright pre Spring light of the City – better not be late for that new project meeting…

Marcus 2pm 16 Feb 2011

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