A blogpost from up in the air #ted #SXSW

28 Feb


I have got my confidence back, an not as a result of the contraption the bloke in the sky mall magazine is wearing – totally bizarre
But the reason for a confidence back is that I am nearly there, after 20 hours of travelling I am on the final stretch now. The last leg of the journey from Dallas to Palm Springs – and I am sending this from 30,000 feet.

And it’s legal – thanks to gogoinflight wifi on this American Airlines flight. I know this is old news to some of you – but for me it is a first.

And…it is great to be able to check up on all the emails and messages now. As well as being able to follow the Oscars live on twitter and chat to fellow tweeters across the world at the same time. It really has made the last leg of the journey pretty good – tricky lettuce so far – delay into Chicago meant I had to get fast tracked to make the connection to Dallas – I had a red jacketed pass and was hurried through
by a team if three!

Lots of snow in Chicago, and yep – very windy…

So going to see if this posts ok and then get back to seeing what upsets the Oscars may throw up

Now where did I put that headband…

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