In the desert #TEDactive #TEDactiveSOC

1 Mar


Yesterday was spent in the Living Desert centre about 30 minutes drive from Palm Springs. Here we were placed into working groups to focus on certain themes, and were tasked with some questions that will be delivered on the stage on Thursday as a TED talk presentation. Our group focused on the questions surrounding social networks and their capacity for social change. Do they make us more courageous? And what is the tipping point that turns a tweet into action on the street?

At what point do we say ‘I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore’ to quote from ‘Network’ – the movie from 1974 that recognised the power of networked action and response.

So these new networks, which of course are still just tools, allow people to ‘find their tribes’ and feel connected to a wider community. The rapidity of communication means that events like those that we are witnessing in North Africa can spread and move much quicker.

So we hit the ground running this morning – the talks start in a couple of hours – and I will keep you posted as to how the #TEDactiveSoc team get on, and please do join in and share the conversation and ideas around this topic.

A very enjoyable start to the activities was rounded off with a food truck party. With Vietnamese, Armenian, Mexican and Veggie food trucks parked up outside the venue around the live band onstage.

Chatting to Sarah back in the office – she quite rightly remarked that it sounded like a festival. And she is right, only this time it is a festival of ideas…worth sharing

Til later


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