Radical Collaborations and Lucille Ball’s House #TEDactive #TED

3 Mar


Day 2 at Ted saw some jaw dropping moments. Seriously. The French artist JR won the TED prize and has started a really exciting sharing idea called the Inside Out Project This is an amazing global art project, and his work is stunning. His work is termed Artivism, and his ‘Women as Heroes’ work is well worth checking out.

Antony and the Johnson’s rounded off the day which had also seen Bill Gates introducing four speakers who are tackling poverty in Nigeria, and putting the plans in place to finally eradicate polio, as well as Salman Khan and his new global classroom project that allows students in schools to learn online and from each other at Khan Academy

The four session day also saw cellist Maya Beiser playing live and Julie Taymor talking about her experience of directing the new Spiderman production in NYC. Morgan Spurlock had auctioned the naming rights for his TED talk on ebay – in line with his latest movie project – The greatest story ever sold – which has been financed completely through product placement. Again as you would expect from him it is an hilarious expose of the whole corporate system that works in this way. It was great to hear so many artists talking about their work today.

The most incredible link was to Cairo where  Wael Ghonim, who created the facebook page that started the revolution in Egypt gave a moving account of his part in the story. Arrested, handcuffed and blindfolded for 12 days during the Tahrir Square revolution. and his quote ‘The power of the people is stronger than the people in power’ was a call to action for what he now calls revolution 2.0

A big thanks to Huntington School in York – who have sent us a video to say that they are supporting the new TED education project. This was launched the previous day, and we were tasked to reach across the social networks to find participants and contacts. Within one day we have managed to reach over 6,000 schools and colleges from Australia, Europe and the USA. We will be presenting these at a session today and will let you know how it goes. But a big Thanks to Jonny and Nile for helping out at such short notice.

Dinner was at Lucille Ball’s house. And that was a fitting end to a very busy but inspiring day. Here is a picture of her bedroom…


and her pool…


More later…

And in latest news – the Talk that our group gave was delivered brilliantly by @kristinalford

Coffee now…

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