Live Links around the world – to space and home #TED #TEDactive

4 Mar


A great skype call back home – here from Palm Springs and back to York. Old York, not New York – yes so good we named it once…York. Reconnecting with my family is so good and this technology works so well. So a break by the pool and a coffee and a chat recharged my emotional batteries. Returning to the conference centre to settle down for the next session we were connected to the International Space Station who were watching us live in Space. Now. And again that sense of connection was brought clearly into focus when we saw them again.


This live-life connection, either real or virtual is what this TED conference has brought home for me. The telepresence and live connections to Long Beach, or home…or to a station orbiting the earth, has also reaffirmed the essence of liveness and its ability to move us, and for us to still emotionally connect. When this is shared with an audience we are connected, engaged and we still feel part of the event.

This means that in my work I will continue to explore and push the possibilities of these real connections with audiences, and the work we make. To look for the increase in the 2-way engagement we can devise and disseminate. So I will be looking to do this with our new Pilot Theatre Programme of drama on demand, livestreaming, and new platform delivery work.

An inspiring talk this week was by Aaron Koblin – who proposed that culturally the 19th Century was the era of the novel, the 20th Century was the era of cinema, and the 21st Century will be the era of the Interface. It is these new platforms and areas that new story dissemination will come from. I have seen new ipad immersive books and storytelling and I am looking forward to taking some of these ideas into our work when I get back to Old York…

Til later


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