Party on the San Andreas fault…and a Doctor printed a kidney #TED #TEDactive

4 Mar


Just back from day three here – It is late and we have come back from the Colorado Desert. A jeep tour took us deep into the canyons of the San Andreas fault. You can see the jeep’s lights as we had to turn round and do a 360 degree reverse. This wasn’t the strangest thing that happened today. Oh no… I saw a Doctor, a real doctor print a kidney. A real transplantable kidney, using stem cells as ink. In a 3D printer. Layering it up a line at a time until it was ready. And could be transplanted. It is real. His name is Anthony Atala. Afterwards when we left the conference centre we were all given a small piece of Kobe beef on a cracker. The two events were not related…

The desert and the landscape has been formed from pressure and uplift from the tectonic plates of the San Andreas fault. Great cathedral like rocks rise up from the floor and the narrow dirt path between is what we gingerly negotiate our way through. The stars and the sky are like nothing I have ever seen, and the air is still and clear. And strangely midnight blue in colour. It is other wordly and alien. it is extraordinary.

I remind myself of the title of this conference – The Rediscovery of Wonder…I saw Saturn tonight too, in the desert on a telescope. We were taken there for food and party. With a great live band playing loud in the middle of the desert. We had mexican food and again this was all part of a strange and wonderful day. Here is the blue rock with the stage…


I met JR today who came over from Long Beach to Palm Springs. I asked him if he knew Blek Le Rat and his work. They know each other well. I took his photo. So yes it was me that also shot JR…


Other highlights included Eli Pariser and his call to Google to stop sending us the searches we want to see, but to send us the ones that might also question our thoughts, and most proud of our group who presented our findings and thoughts on the stage today, and brilliantly delivered by the Adelaide futurist, Kristin Alford. The video came through from Huntington School in York to complete our story and here it is on the screen at TED. A big thanks to Nile and Jonny and Hannah for this. And of course to Sir Ken Robinson for his messages to me and for his help towards the project


So it is just turning midnight here in California, and 8am back home in York. So I will catch you later today…on Friday with more stuff and happenings from the TEDactive team here at palm Springs.

Adios Amigos…


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