Morgan Spurlock – Super Mini-Sized #TED

6 Mar


Had a great time as we have just attended a preview screening of ‘The Greatest Movie Ever Sold’ by Morgan Spurlock (who made Supersize Me)

Afterwards we had chance to catch up over a drink and share ideas behind the movie. The premise is that the whole film was to be financed entirely by product placement. Everything, even the above the title credit. The movie follows Morgan on this quest and plays out as an expose of the industry and the creative and artistic pitfalls.

Of course we are aware of product placement, right? Well there is a whole industry and there are agencies to specifically place their clients brands in the picture. And they want final clearance. And approval. And in some cases script changes to incorporate their message.

The movie is great. It throws the whole question about funding, ethics, advertising into the corporate swimming pool and dives in headfirst.

Meeting with Morgan was inspiring, and as we are both heading to South by Southwest we have agreed to hook up after the screening in Austin.

It has made me think about the whole push for branded support for the Arts in the UK and where this might be heading. Clearly this intelligent movie highlights unequivocally one end of the spectrum – and serves as a ‘caveat emptor’ for artists and audiences alike.

One Response to “Morgan Spurlock – Super Mini-Sized #TED”

  1. edlouise March 6, 2011 at 8:02 pm #

    Love that picture. Did you used to watch Kids in the Hall?

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